"Fameccanica North America"

A Business That Speaks Your Language And Thinks Like You

In 2002, Fameccanica opened a liaison office in the U.S.A., to meet the needs of the American market. The decision to set up in the United States was a strategic one and, following significant business growth, with an important number of new plants sold and installed in the country in 2009, it founded Fameccanica North America, an American company based in Ohio.Reinforcing the presence of Fameccanica on the market, increasing turnover and guaranteeing a strong local presence to clients in the area: these are the aims behind the foundation of Fameccanica North America.

Fameccanica North America is based on a prominently American organisation.  A simple, qualified structure made up mainly of American staff, it handles the sale of products manufactured by the companies of the Fameccanica Group in North America and directly supplies locally sourced spare parts and a consulting and technical assistance service.A point of reference to develop new businesses and enter directly in contact with local clients.
The new company, established in Westchester – Ohio, holds a privileged barycentre position, compared to its main clients, with a vast number of specialised workshops at their disposal for the production of spare parts.
Fameccanica North America inherited its good working code from the previous liaison office, capable of establishing trusting relations with their clients and reciprocal satisfaction.New expansion frontiers are now opening up for the company.  First and foremost it will focus on improving commercial relations and after sales service, even working to ensure the availability of a proposal that meets with specific local needs, those of quality and competitive pricing.
Then, making use mostly of innovative processes and technology, it will work to develop a closer collaboration with all those clients who choose to and decide to work with Fameccanica.Because it is together with our clients that we have always produced the best results that have then transformed themselves into important business opportunities for them and us.


  • Consulting and technical assistance service for spare parts
  • Sales office with local professional.
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