"Fameccanica Data Spa"

The Centre Of Excellence For Innovation And Development

Fameccanica.Data is the founder of the Fameccanica Group and the centre of excellence for the development and design of all the Fameccanica technological platforms and for the production of top performing, high innovation level machines.

The integration of evolved technology, experience, human capital, and a permanent client orientated strategy, has allowed the Italian company to rapidly scale the market ladder and position itself as an undisputed leader in the sector.

Each company activity contributes to producing an added value not only for Fameccanica.Data but for the entire Group. Here, in fact, they study state of the art projects, create pre-series and develop logistical and managerial organisation and systems that are of use to all the companies in the Group.
This is the heart and soul of Fameccanica, the engine that drives all its parts perfectly.

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Marketing to understand the clients’ needs, market trends and prepare unique, effective proposals; Sales to create, together with the client, the best solution to their current problems and to accompany them on the road towards success.

The Technical and Industrial function to complete projects and meet our clients’ expectations with advanced technology, reliable processes and an exclusive and original design and with a logistical and production organisation capable of operating rapidly and with operational efficiency, precision and punctuality.

A Customer Services office that has just been re-organised to take even better care of clients during production and help them get more out of the plant purchased, with a more effective management and a longer lifespan, because Fameccanica machines have been designed and built to last.

The Innovation Management System is a link and guarantee to success that, starting with Marketing and ending with Customer Services, involves and motivates everyone in the company, stimulating them to generate concrete ideas, in the field of technology and processes as well as the organisation and systems, suitable for transforming themselves into a competitive advantage for the Group and their clients.

The organisation’s strength is further reinforced by the contribution of all our certified and qualified suppliers who, with their dedication and professionalism help us, by working in partnership with us, to guarantee Fameccanica quality standards and the competitiveness of our products.

Innovation Is Also Logistics

The ability to continually update does not just interest the production and design sectors, but also the logistics and management of the relationship with suppliers.

In order to improve the exchange of information and orders, the SC@N system was created which is a common portal between Fameccanica.Data and their suppliers, to share data and operations in real time.

SC@N is the example of how Fameccanica considers the dealer network an added value to the company and not an external factor to occasionally collaborate with.

The Strong Points

  • A considerable technical ability in creating, engineering and testing the best machines.
  • Continuous innovation to develop machines fitted with the most advanced technology that guarantees our clients a real competitive advantage in the reference market.
  • Management of the production process in partnership with the suppliers to offer a better client service.
  • Helping the client to get an instant understanding of their requirements.
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