"Fameccanica Machinery Shanghai"

The Asian Technological Pole

The decision to set up Fameccanica Machinery Shanghai was the natural continuation of the Group’s expansion and the success of the Sales and Assistance office in China up until 1998.The company was formally founded in 2004, and began full activity in February 2005.
Nowadays, Fameccanica Machinery Shanghai is a centre of excellence for the production of entry-level Fameccanica platforms destined mainly for developing markets and collaborates actively with Fameccanica.Data to assist even the most needy of clients.A result that awards the Group’s far-sightedness and confirms an effective strategy: becoming, for the clients operating in developing markets, especially Chinese and Asiatic ones, a source of quality supplies and reliability at competitive prices.


  • A design by Fameccanica.Data based on Fameccanica’s renowned processes and technologies, with a special focus on the actual maximization of production efficiency and reduction of waste.
  • The use of high quality commercial components, sourced locally, wherever possible, from primary Chinese brands.
  • Fameccanica quality standards, the highest performance and the longest equipment useful life in the market segment.

Three Imperatives: Punctual Organisation, Maximum Quality, The Best Client Service

Right from the outset, Fameccanica Machinery Shanghai has dedicated its strength to research and training of the best local workshops, negotiating agreements with the most important suppliers of commercial parts operating locally, and hiring expert managers, perfectly trained to meet the needs of the Asian markets.  This winning strategy allows the company to work with a network of suppliers capable of dispatching orders at a competitive price, while still maintaining a high standard of quality.In anticipation of growing revenue, Fameccanica Machinery Shanghai is involved in expanding the supplier network and developing the organisation, to continue to ensure full client satisfaction and contribute further to the Group’s growth.Effective solutions, real time technical assistance, transfer of information, an active and prepositional behaviour make Fameccanica Machinery Shanghai the right hand man to its clients, no matter what the circumstances.

Within Fameccanica Machinery Shanghai, a Design Team follows the current projects and backs up the production team at the supply stages and during machinery assembly; furthermore, it collaborates with the sales and after sales offices to provide a better client service.A Sales Team made up mostly of local staff, ensures even greater proximity and focus on the clients’ needs.
Customer Services guarantees continuous technical assistance and training to the client.  A dedicated staff coordinates the supply of spare parts, while a Service Team who participate in the design, purchase and production, manages technical work.Specific resources are dedicated to the Quality System to check and control each stage of an order’s completion process, from the supply to production, to delivery, in compliance with Fameccanica’s applicable Quality Standards.
12 resources dedicated to Quality Assurance
15,000m² of factory floor
247 employees including managers, engineers, technicians, operators and office workers.


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