Customer Care


We want our Customers to get the most out of our machines, listening to their needs, sharing information, providing appropriate training and support.

We have defined 5 TARGET SERVICES to enable our Customers, all over the world, in exceeding their objective during the life - cycle of the machines, making them "Evergreen".

Enable to get the most out
of your machines

Training Service

A professional Training Service, before delivering the machine or after the installation at the Customer’s site, shows the Customer how to optimize the platform performance. An accurate technical documentation about advanced technological devices is supplied, to take all the advantages from the machine.

Online assistance

Technical Support

A superior Technical Support is provided by expert technicians, during the whole life of the machine. We have special programs of check-up and optimization, together with online remote assistance to carry out, directly from our departments, operations such as: inspection of user interface software installed on the Customer's machine; check and modify settings; read critical data.

Solutions for any need

Spare Parts

The finest quality of Spare Parts, with three special programs: the “on Demand supply” has quick responses, providing delivery at the Customer’s gate; the “on Forecast supply” cuts the delivery time and the inventories; the “Consignment stock” has no delivery time and financial charges, only paying the quantity taken. Through a very easy tool, the Customer can identify the spare parts, surf into the machine structure, see drawings, check prices and lead time and generate a shopping cart.

Give a new life to your used equipment

Rebuilding Service

A qualified Rebuilding Service will take care of the refurbishing of worn-out machine parts, in compliance with our expertise as original supplier, offering the best alternative to brand new parts. We refurbish: process units, mill rotors & gib assy, silicon rolls, knives & anvil, cut & crimp units etc...Our process: analysis and check – in of the equipment; usage of original materials; dedicated people and workshop; quality inspection. Our strengths: clearness, closeness, knowledge and conformity, specialization.

Enlarge your capabilities

Upgrade Kits

Upgrade Kits are supplied to provide installed Fameccanica machinery with the newest technologies and product features. They allow the Customer to increase the speed of the machine, improve efficiency with less machine downtimes, reduce raw material and energy costs, prevent the risk of technical obsolescence. Our strengths: each kit is specifically designed for the Customer; we take care of the installation and start up.

Digital Documentation

An interactive 3D navigation to have a complete experience about your technical needs