15th Jul 2021

The new Fameccanica Careers website is now online.

From today, Fameccanica’s new "Careers" website is online: a digital space designed to attract and welcome new talents in the Fameccan...

14th May 2021

Fameccanica excellence of the year 2021, from “LE FONTI AWARDS”

Roma, May 14th 2021 – Fameccanica stands out in the 11th Italian edition of the "Le Fonti Awards", winning the prestigious Excellence ...

17th Mar 2021

Life All In Project

On September 22nd 2020 Fameccanica presented the LIFE All-in project on a digital event organized and coordinated by the EC. For the LIFE All-in proje...

28th Jan 2021

Fameccanica has chosen to collaborate with Treedom

Fameccanica Group renews its commitment to a better and sustainable future, where business choices have a positive impact on both the community and th...