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26th Jul 2019

Cefriel event on digital transformation


The Cefriel event on digital transformation gave Fameccanica the chance to share its own servitization journey, from the starting of basic machine connectivity, to the introduction of an industrial IoT platform up to the development of value-added advanced services for end customers. A journey that was born to increase machinery value and keep them competitive, that will further evolve in order to allow the company to more widely satisfy its customers production, and production related, needs.

Paola Olivieri, Francesco Scarrico and Francesco D’Aponte from Fameccanica shared the important learned lessons of these first years of transformation: experiment new ambitious solutions, bridge the gaps between machines and digital world, contaminate the whole company with a new data-based culture.

Our thanks to Cefriel that contributed to the successful realization of the first use cases with the projects guided by Alessandro Corrente and Luca Campelli.