The Hack4Change project has come to an end


On May 26, the Hack4Change project came to an end. The program - started in February - is dedicated to more than 400 students from leading Italian Universities and Polytechnics and launched by Fameccanica and Angelini Industries, in collaboration with Codemotion.

During the awards event, the 4 winning teams composed by the young students who, in recent months, have developed their projects supported by 4 Fameccanica mentors, specialists chosen for their technical expertise in the proposed topics, were announced.

Together they developed digital transformation-themed projects to improve and offer new solutions for:

  • Remote Troubleshooting;
  • Work-life balance;
  • Data control room;
  • Network, the power of data sharing.

All the projects implemented were analyzed by a jury in a plenary session participated by 7 members: Daniele De Tullio, Talent Development & Total Reward Manager at Fameccanica, Chiara Di Giovenale, Training Specialist at Angelini Holding, Enrico Iavazzo, R&D Laboratory Manager at Fameccanica, Elena Di Giusto, Business Development Analyst at Fameccanica, Giuseppe La Fratta, Validation Manager at Fameccanica, Valerio Mantini, Data Engineer at Fameccanica, and Davide Pugliese, HR Business Partner at Fameccanica.

Each juror was able to express his or her opinion with a score from 1 to 5 for each of the evaluation criteria - relevance to the objectives of the Hackathon, technical validity of the project, clarity and completeness of the project, usefulness and potential impact of the project, creativity and innovation of the project, composition of the team - to determine the following winning teams:

  1. Remote Troubleshooting” Challenge:

Project Title: Agile Remote.

Goal: Optimize and improve customer relationship.

Proposed Solution: SaaS platform for asynchronous and nonverbal communications.

  1. Work-life balance” Challenge:

Project Title: Balancy.

Goal: To put employee well-being at the center.

Proposed solution: SaaS platform also usable via App.

  1. Data control room” Challenge:

Project Title: Zeus project.

Goal: Collect, analyze and visualize large amounts of data from plants.

Proposed Solution: Platform based on cloud architecture, flexible and fault tolerant.

  1. Network, the power of data sharing” Challenge:

Project Title: Eureca.​​​​​​​

Goal: To increase the company's business by leveraging the individual network of employees.

Proposed solution: Mobile app to send requests to employees via messages.

The Hack4Change was a great success, for it has received more than 350 registrations and seen young students collaborate with the business world to build and shape tomorrow’s way of working.