We are the world benchmark company designing and manufacturing machinery for disposable hygienic products and highly automated liquid filling integrated systems.

We anticipate needs and technologies, in respect of sustainable development.

Around 950 Employees

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13th Feb 2019

Outlook India 2019

On February 12-13, after the European, Asian and Latin American editions, EDANA and BCH jointly presented, for the first time in India, the globally s...

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13th Dec 2018

Meccatronica award to Fameccanica finalist

On Dec. 10, 2018 at Reggio Emilia the 5 Italian companies, recognized as the ones that adopted meccatronic solutions leading to the development of inn...

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10th Dec 2018

Fameccanica Machinery Shanghai at the Allied Seminar 2018

On Dec. 7, 2018, Fameccanica Machinery Shanghai  participated in the Allied Seminar that was held in Guangzhou and organized by Henkel, Tredegar,...

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27th Nov 2018

Journal of Cleaner Production publishes Fameccanica article

Improving resource efficiency and environmental impacts through novel design and manufacturing of disposable baby diapers is the title of the article,...

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22th Nov 2018

Fameccanica among the 5 finalists for the Italian Meccatronica Award

Fameccanica is candidate, together with other 4 highly innovative Italian technological companies, to receive the Italian Meccatronica Award. The pres...

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