Innovation & Sustainability

Innovation at the service of sustainability

Our approach

Research and development are the driving force that pushes us every day to create solutions to address and improve the status quo with an eye to the future.

The possibility of a close dialogue between product and innovation is only there when complex needs are met with the ability to thoroughly understand the requirements, use the tools at hand and imagine opportunities that go beyond the scope of the project challenge.

Angelini Technologies has embraced this approach and aims to systematize in the best possible way the investments that has made so far in introducing new technologies, enhancing the skills of its resources and integrating the digital dimension.

A strong drive for innovation is one of the founding principles of Angelini Technologies. In 2023, Fameccanica was named one of Italy's most innovative company for number of patents filed (EPO) and to date has more than 1,100 current patent rights that relate to more than 240 alive inventions.

Angelini Technologies, through the activities of Angelini Academy, collaborates with Business Schools and Universities at international level including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and, has access to the most prestigious training programs.

Innovation is also sustainability and is achieved through the development of solutions aimed at respecting the environment. In addition to the Greenpackt ® project, the LIFE ALL-IN project is applied, which aims to launch an innovative integrated process that, for the first time, combines, on the same machine, all stages of the production process of sanitary pads and diapers.

A new technological dimension, which will lead to a 23% reduction in raw materials and 10% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Sustainability represents a lever to improve people’s quality of life, society and the environment in which we live, with a long-term perspective. A comprehensive approach that for Angelini Technologies embodies a responsibility and an opportunity for continuous improvement.


One of the most innovative Italian companies in 2023

+ 1100

Current patent rights

+ 240


Top 100

Sustainable companies in italy 2023Sustainability Award - Kon Group, Elite and Azimut


Fameccanica Digital Solutions

Need a smart machine and a full digital service? We developed software tools applying IoT technologies based on the "talking machine concept". Digital Apps are now available for your time and cost savings.


Life+ Glueless As Natural as We Can

The GLUELESS™ project demonstrates that important environmental impact decreases in Absorbent Hygiene Products, can be obtained through a drastic reduction of glue in the production process, while cost competitiveness can be even increased. This project was carried out also thanks to the financing by the EU, within the Life+ program.



LIFE ALL-IN project is an innovative combination of the AHPs production process with processes for the on-line manufacturing of raw materials usually manufactured offline, as well as raw materials transformation processes.


To support the client in designing the entire production process, Fameccanica has developed Greenpackt®, an innovative, patented integrated packaging system that enables industrialization and automation of the production of sustainable single-serving detergent packaging.

360˚ Sustainability

Sustainability is driven by innovation and valuing people. A 360˚ approach that represents for us a responsibility and an opportunity for continuous improvement in the quality of the products and services we offer, ensuring responsible sourcing of raw materials throughout the supply chain, ensuring respect for the communities in which we operate, and promoting sustainable practices for the preservation of natural resources.