Procurement is the process of sourcing, negotiation and strategic selection of goods and services that are usually important for an organization. This involves the activities of selecting suppliers and purchasing.

We have created an interface between Fameccanica and our suppliers, in order to increase common efficiency and quality, as well as improve clarity of realtionship between our global sourcing office, the local purchasing offices and the supply chain worldwide.


Thanks to the access through REGISTER, we allow new suppliers to introduce their companies and know-how and ensure they will be evaluated and re-contacted by one of the Fameccanica offices, depending on the area of responsibility. The supplier who wants to subdue online offers, can use the RFQ - request for quotation - Login. The suppliers already belonging to our supply chain, through the SRM - supplier relationship management - Login, can manage their relation with Fameccanica at any time by consulting their order portfolio online, by making amendments to delivery dates and checking their performance ratings.


A good supplier is able to meet our queries efficiently, operating in compliance with our standard, keeping information up-to-date, always striving to improve by learning from the audit results, demonstrating that innovation is the main goal. Availability, reliability, timeliness and customer service, together with a proactive attitude, are all key factors to achieve our supply requirements in order to increase company competitiveness.


  • If your Mission is Customer Satisfaction
  • If you are a proactive, efficient supplier focused on making cost savings
  • If Innovation is your key-word
  • If you are ready for global competition

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What if some pages of Fameccanica SRM portal are not correctly shown after login?

In order to access all pages of website you need the following TPC ports open:

  • 80 (standard for http)
  • 443 (standard for https)
  • 1443, 2443, 3443, 4443, 5443, 6443, 7443, 8443, 9443 (more https ports required for domain). In case the latest ports are blocked by your Corporate firewall, then you have to setup your firewall accordingly

How can I login to RFQ Portal?

To login you must enter the username sent by email and your "old password"

Can I change RFQ Portal psw?

Yes, through Personal Data Menu, select Change password

What does Partner 1 and partner 2, indicated in the e-mail, mean?

Partner1 --> it's your new FD code and it's the same of your ftp folder (if you have one)

Partner2--> it's a code that SRM has assigned to your company. It's not needed for your activities

User-->it's your new SRM and RFQ Portals' username. With a separate e-mail you received the password for SRM Portal, to be changed at the first login. For RFQ Portal you can either continue using the old password, or change it

Where can I find the link to the portals?

They are in>Eprocurement-->Login Supplier (RFQ) for the Request for Quotation and Login Supplier (SRM) for the Pos acknowledgement

I'm a Fameccanica supplier but I did not use your portals before June 30th. How can I have access to your portals?

Please send a request to your buyer

I'm not a Fameccanica supplier but I would like to introduce my company. How can I proceed?

Click on "Register" and fill in the questionnaire. Our buyer will contact you to proceed with the scouting procedure

I cannot see all my Pos on SRM, why?

On SAP system you can find only the Pos that were "drafts" before June 30th and the new Pos. We have not had the possibility to upload all the Pos. Since July 24th 2013 Suppliers started to receive their complete portfolio by daily mail.

From now on, which Fameccanica material code do I have to use?

On all documents you have to use the new Fameccanica 9-digit code (the old 7-digit code is no longer used)

I have not received the e-mail with username and psw for Portal login. What should I do?

Please send an e-mail to your expediter. You have received an e-mail from your expediter with all his/her reference. If not, please refer to your buyer

How can I receive the drawings related to old Pos that I cannot find on SRM?

Please send the request to your expediter or to your buyer

I have google chrome and I cannot login to Fameccanica Portal

The Portal works only on Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers

In the past, I had the possibility to advise you that I was shipping the material. Now?

Since July 24th 2013 Suppliers started to receive their portfolio by daily mail. The supplier has to verify the status of his Pos and inform immediately Fameccanica if there are issues and/or delays (after the POs acknowledgement). You have to send the Excel file back with the new data in the columns "new delivery date” and "reason". The new dates will be evaluated by the buyer to verify if they are acceptable.

We want to point out that the supplier has to respect the agreements made with the PO acknowledgement and that he has to respect the delivery dates. Any change has to be exceptionally agreed upon

I'm in the Main List in SRM Portal and it’s blank

It's because the list is collapsed. To expand it, check on the last icon on the right on the raw Main List

I cannot find the PDF file of the PO in SRM

The PDF is not available in SRM. It is sent by mail

I cannot verify the PO total amount on SRM

Unfortunately it's not available on SRM, you can verify it only on the PO's PDF file

I need to download drawings for an order. I hit download BOM and it sends me an email, but the link in the email cannot be accessed. Where is the FTP area?

The email that you have received it's only to inform you that the folder with the drawings is ready in your ftp area. The ftp is a folder that you have in common with us. You need to access your ftp folder through the address ftp:\\ and go on with your username and password.

Can you tell us how to access to ftp?

Address is

You can use a free FTP client like FileZilla (or others) and, in case you access with Internet Explorer, you should set your browser to connect using "passive ftp" (see Tools->Internet Options->Advanced)