2022 Sustainability Report

Alessandro BulfonChief Executive Officer Angelini Technologies and Fameccanica

Our journey towards a more sustainable company continues and involves a constant commitment to our people, the communities where we operate and the planet.

I would like to present you our third Sustainability Report, a document resulting from a strong collaboration with our internal and external stakeholders and transparent conduct in creating value. Despite a context featuring various uncertainties, in 2022 Fameccanica recorded a positive trend in terms of operating results, only partially attenuated by the greater impact of raw material costs and the rise in energy prices. In this framework, I would like to highlight the various factors that have characterised our actions.

Angelini Industries' acquisition of 50% of Fameccanica, which had been an equal joint venture between Angelini Industries and the American multinational Procter&Gamble since 1992, was finalised when the closing documents were signed in June 2022. With this agreement, announced in March 2022, Angelini Industries has thus taken full control of Fameccanica, thereby strengthening the ecosystem of excellence designed to create solutions to improve industrial processes through constant research and innovation.

Another essential value for us is innovation. In January 2022, Angelini Industries joined the Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
The program launched by MIT (a university based in Cambridge, Boston, among the world leaders in research applied to industry and the development of production processes) is a collaborative path that “allows companies from all over the world to exploit the resources of MIT to address current challenges and anticipate future needs” in technology. Fameccanica was the first beneficiary of the agreement. This was aimed at exploring the potential synergies between the MIT's applied research programs and the company's development projects in the areas of robotics, industrial automation and sustainable manufacturing.

We believe everything revolves around people and we are constantly committed to promoting professional growth and diversity. In 2022 we confirmed all our permanent contracts, provided around 20,000 hours of training and further expanded our corporate welfare with new socially useful services for employees. In terms of energy efficiency, the construction of the photovoltaic system at our headquarters in Chieti was approved in June 2022. It will guarantee energy autonomy equal to approximately one quarter of the overall requirement when fully operational. Finally, the various partnerships with the academic world continue for the benefit of university students and aimed at attracting new talent.

In such a changing and fluid context, we constantly aim to consolidate our identity on our traditional pillars: people’s competence, product quality, operational excellence and sustainable growth, whilst maintaining control over our target markets through leadership in the disposable hygiene product sector, whilst at the same time exploring new businesses. Our actions are the result of an innovative and sustainable approach that is long-lasting and looks to the future through new opportunities for people, communities and the planet.

A way of being and acting inspired by life.