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19th Aug 2019

Press release - Fameccanica and TKWM agreement on T-Pad

Sambuceto (CH) and Palazzo Pignano (CR), Italy – August 2nd, 2019

Fameccanica.Data SpA ("Fameccanica") and Teknoweb Materials Srl ("TKWM") are teaming up to better serve their Customers in the disposable hygiene business and entered into an agreement pertaining an innovative technology, named T-Pad, in the field of the absorbent cores for bed underpads, pet mats and similar products.

The technology is characterized by superior performances as well as enhanced visual and tactile end-user experience and will be combined and incorporated in the Fameccanica machines for the mentioned product category.

The agreement by TKWM and Fameccanica consists of an industrial partnership and a license to Fameccanica to exclusively serve the market with T-Pad technology.
By adding T-Pad solution to its high-tech machinery and leveraging its global footprint, Fameccanica will be able to offer a competitive advantage to its partners whilst guaranteeing the diffusion of cost-effective innovative products at global scale.

The validity of the license is agreed worldwide with the only exception of the USA where TKWM will keep such activity on its own.

Fameccanica and TKWM believe that, combining their competence, capability and strengths in the absorbent core technology, they will enhance the performance of final products in this hygiene category and, at the same time, offer to the industry a new benchmark of high performance manufacturing machines.

For additional information feel free to contact either Fameccanica or TKWM

For Fameccanica: Ettore Paolini - Sales and Marketing Director

Via Aterno, 136 - 66020 Sambuceto - (CH) Italy
Phone: +39 085 45531

For TKWM: Fabio Zampollo - CEO

Via Verdi 23/bis - 26020 Palazzo Pignano (CR) Italy

Phone +39 0373 350511