New Logo and Brand Language for Angelini Technologies and FAMECCANICA


Presented today the new visual identity of Angelini Technologies, the industrial technology division of Angelini Industries - an Italian industrial group active in the health, industrial technology and consumer goods sectors with 5,800 employees in 21 countries and 2 billion euros in sales - and its main company, Fameccanica.

Specifically, the new visual identity of Angelini Technologies fits within the brand architecture of Angelini Industries, which stipulates that each reality of the industrial group is signed using Angelini logo and brand name accompanied by a descriptor specifying the sector. Angelini Technologies, which identifies the industrial technology division of Angelini Industries, is also combined, as a derivative brand, with the name of Fameccanica, to make explicit the belonging of the company specialized in converting to the world of industrial technology signed Angelini. Angelini Technologies - Fameccanica will thus be the brand under which from now on Fameccanica will present itself to its stakeholders. The new coordinated image aims precisely at translating on a graphic level the role of Fameccanica as the main company of Angelini Technologies, and of the latter as a division within Angelini Industries.

The new Angelini Technologies logo and its declination for Fameccanica complete the rebranding of Angelini Industries, which began in March 2022, and which saw the adoption of an "embrace"-an open sign, characterized by curved lines-as a distinctive feature to underscore the values that have always distinguished the Group, such as inclusiveness, welcoming and dynamism.

These values are declined and developed in coherence with the sector they belong to: this is how the upper portion of the Angelini brand becomes, for Angelini Technologies, a real brand language, flash, to identify the world of innovation and technology. The color codes chosen to characterize the brand language of Angelini Technologies are also consistent with the sector to which it belongs: a dark blue and a bright green that recall the colors of industrial machinery and the dynamism and liveliness of a technology in constant ferment.

"Innovation Inspired by life" is the payoff identified for an industry seen through the eyes of the future, one that is a frontier of opportunity for people, communities, and the planet. A claim consistent with the spirit and attitude of the Angelini brand, which rests on the principle of "Unwavering care" and always having people and their future at heart in every action.

The new visual identity was presented to the 600 employees of Angelini Technologies - Fameccanica on the occasion of the presentation of Angelini Industries' growth strategies for the industrial technology sector, which aim to double the current turnover of 200 million euros in the next 5 years.

The rebranding project was carried out by the Group Communication Department of Angelini Industries and Global Communication of Angelini Technologies. Inarea Identity Design the agency that signed the project.