The magazine Industria Italiana talks about Angelini Technologies-FAMECCANICA


"The real accelerator for innovation will not be so much the mechanical part, but the software. And with artificial intelligence, the acceleration will be even stronger. We have to become a company that rides the digital transformation, we have developed cross-sector competencies for so many sectors and industries. Wherever there is demand for automation, our solutions can be enhanced."

With these words, the CEO Alessandro Bulfon discussed with Industria Italiana about the strategic approach and long-term vision to take Angelini Technologies - FAMECCANICA to new horizons of growth and innovation through an ambitious investment plan.

A growth plan made even more solid by the mission of caring for people and communities that we share with Angelini Industries and that inspires us to contribute to business transformation through our expertise, day in and day out.

An article in which several aspects related to the business and the present and future actions were highlighted: the experience and leadership in the converting sector combined with the skills applied to the automation and robotics market. The innovative and sustainable projects such as Greenpackt®, LIFE ALL-IN and, the new photovoltaic plant at the Headquarters. 

The merge of all these aspects is expressed through the payoff Innovation inspired by life, which as Bulfon says «Describes what we are about: combining technologies with the most diverse industrial needs, providing efficiency and productivity through innovation and sustainability.»

The full article is available at the following link.