Fameccanica publishes the 2021-2022 Sustainability Report


Today, we publish the second Sustainability Report covering the period July 2021 to June 2022, which measures the company's environmental, social and governance performance.

Several aspects are highlighted in the report: thanks to the new photovoltaic system, which will be inaugurated in September with an investment of 2.1 million euros, Fameccanica will cut CO2 emissions by 780 tons and will be able to reduce energy consumption by more than 20%; from 2019 to date, various improvements and careful water intake and discharge have allowed for a 75% decrease in water consumption at the three sites while thanks to efficient management, 72% of waste is destined for recovery.

In addition, Fameccanica - from June 2022 100% owned by Angelini Industries - despite a complex socio-economic context, has consistently ensured maximum commitment and support to its employees: 100% have permanent contracts and receive, on average, 35 hours of training per year for a total of 22,878 hours provided by the company between technical courses, digital skills, interpersonal and/or managerial skills, languages, and quality, safety, environment, energy and sustainability.

"We are experiencing a process of profound technological and social transformation that is changing the economic and productive structures of countries and societies. - comments Alessandro Bulfon, CEO of Fameccanica - In this context, sustainability means even more for us value creation not only for shareholders, but for all stakeholders: our team, customers, suppliers and partners, but also the territory that hosts us and the whole society. We will develop the business through operational excellence, sustainable growth and human capital, as well as the continuous presidium of our target markets by consolidating our leadership in the disposable hygiene products sector and, at the same time, strong in our expertise in smart factory automation, we will also explore other adjacent markets."

To further decrease CO2 emissions, Fameccanica has activated a number of important projects, including: more than 12.000 trees planted thus balancing its carbon dioxide emissions; the European "LIFE ALL-IN" program for the implementation of a more sustainable production and processing of materials that will lead to a 23% reduction in raw materials and a 10% reduction in CO2.

During 2023, Fameccanica also plans to implement additional projects aimed at improving its ESG performance.

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